Brass Greaves Shin Protection Costume Armour 18 Gauge

  • Brand: AllbestStuff (ABS)
  • Product Code: Medieval Brass Greaves Front Leg Protection Heavy 18 Gauge
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Brass Greaves Shin Protection Costume Armour 18 Gauge


ABS Brass Classical Greek Greaves made from Solid Brass and can be worn as a status symbol, known as Demi Greaves or open Greaves which protects the shin area of the leg was very popular in Ancient Greece Rome & other parts of Europe before 19th Century. Our pair of Brass Greaves comes with inner felt which provides comfort to lower leg area. Comfort fit.

Brass Medieval Greaves, Classical Greek
Thickness: 18 Gauge Solid Brass
Length -19 inches
Top Width 15 inches
Bottom:10", Adjustable to fit large Legs. Comfortable padding included. Put on and press to adjust around your legs.  
Leather Lining

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