Viking Women Cotton LENA Medieval Underdress

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Viking Women Cotton LENA Medieval Underdress

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This underdress Lena is oriented at the cut of underclothing's, which were discovered in the excavations around Haithabu. Our underdress LENA is a simple medieval Viking dress .

This type of medieval Viking clothing is based on Nordic clothing from 10th and 11th century. The triangle parts on the lower the waist at each side give you a more flared movement. This ankle-worn, cotton dress fits the body loosely to provide comfort and a wide range of motion, but it still gives way to outer garments so that a dress can be worn over it. Its long sleeves keep the arms warm, and its classic neckline allows it to pair with a variety of medieval over wear.

This looseness does not impede the wearer from putting on other medieval dresses over it, however, and its round-slash neckline makes it compatible with a large variety of medieval dresses or women's tunics.

The LENA Viking Underdress makes a wonderful addition to your medieval or Renaissance outfit.

This Underdress is handcrafted, sizes will vary slightly - so these measurements should be taken as approximations. We have given measurement option to choose from a size closer to you.

Available in Multiple color as per your requirement.

Dimensions of our Viking Women Cotton LENA Medieval Underdress

Material : Cotton

SizeChest (Bust)Waist Overall Length
Small36 inches

38 inches

  58 inches
Medium40 inches
41 inches59 inches
Large43 inches
44 Inches 59.5 inches
X-Large46 inches50 inches59.5 inches
XX-Large50 inches55 inches
60 inches

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