Medieval Chain Mail Measurement Guide

AllBestStuff (ABS) Chain Mail Measurement Guide

Sizing is the most important part in any chain mail production, since these products are made of tough material most of the artisan follows standard flat measurements which can generally end up bulky on the torso and baggy towards wrist area adding to movement restriction.

We here at allbeststuff also follow standard practice in producing our chain mail products however giving extra attn. to the details both in terms of measurement and to some level of customization.

Since a Chain Mail Haubergeon or a Hauberk is what most people find difficult to measure we in this section would like to highlight some of the things one can keep in mind before purchasing our chain mail. Every artisan has different style of skills & production techniques hence below is only specific to ABS chain mail product line.

Chest Measurement:

Our chain mail products are measured keeping fully stretched flat on ground in form of sheets, these individual sheets are assembled together eventually to form a shape. Once ready it is difficult to achieve measurements listed on the product hence we advise our customer to exercise caution while comparing or calculating their own measurement. As a standard it is advisable to keep 10 inches extra from actual chest size which will account for a padded gambeson underneath. If you plan to wear additional armor than that, some extra measurement will be required.

Length Measurement:

Hauberk length once produced and worn over a padded garment will fall little short than listed on our website. It is advisable to add at least 4-5 inches extra in the length starting from shoulder towards thigh if you are strict about where you want the helm of your hauberk.

How to measure Chain Mail Sleeve Length:

The sleeve length are measured from "Armpit Area" and not from shoulder, an inch extra should be fine to reach closer to production measurement.

We also offer sleeve tapering on all our hauberk without any additional cost unless you opt for an additional circumference from the customization box, please note that sleeve tapering is not similar to authentic maille tailoring and does not include an armpit, elbow gusset or a shoulder tailoring, however in case you wish we can add an Armpit gusset for an additional cost.

Example: A typical Chain Mail Shirt measurement at our website explained:

Ring Size: 18 Gauge 8 MM
Chest: 58 Inch "This is allbeststuff production size"
A comfort fit for someone with Actual Chest 48 Inch "This is customer actual chest size"
Sleeve Length from Armpit: 21 Inch "Length of sleeve measured from Armpit"
Sleeve Circumference: 22 Inch "Recommended sleeve circumference at Armpit area"
Length from Shoulder: 38 Inch "This is allbeststuff production length and may appear 2-3 inches short when worn"
Finish: Three Finish to Choose from "Type of Finish for the Hauberk"

How to measure Chain Mail Chausses:

Our Chain Mail Chausses also require some attn. to measurements, the length of the maille chausses is measured from waist from where you tie your belt to ankle, choose at least an inch or 2 extra. Top circumference is the widest part of the thigh and bottom circumference is measured at ankle. Buyers are required to account for at least 2 inches from actual size, measure extra if you plan to use heavy padding.

Example: A typical Chain Mail Chausses measurement at our website explained:

Ring Size:16 Gauge 9 MM
Weave Type: European 4 in 1
Wire Type: Steel
Dimension of Chain Mail Chausses
Overall Length from where you tie your belt to ankle: 42 Inch "Production Length"
Circumference at Top (thigh): 24 Inch "Production Circumference"
Circumference at Ankle: 14 Inch "Production Circumference"
Shoe Cover: 8 Inch

Our Highly Skilled staff work with determination to ensure that a high quality product is produced. In case you have a query related to our maille products, measurements or have an innovative requirement we would love to hear it, you can write to our customer service at

We are most happy to receive comments, suggestion in order to improve and deliver results.