Medieval Nasal Bar Helm with Cheekplates 18 Gauge Steel

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Medieval Nasal Bar Helm with Cheekplates 18 Gauge Steel

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This Nasal Bar Helm & hinged cheek-plates is constructed from 18 gauge steel.This conical nasal bar helm improves upon earlier designs by having a reinforced conical dome instead of a more spherical shape; this not only helps to deflect blows to the head, but it also puts points of contact with a foe’s weapon farther from the skull than a more spherical form. The cheek plates are also a good addition that protects the face from strikes that make contact with the side of the face. It is a simple, but practical form of medieval head protection. Use a heavy inner padding inside for protection. Standard Adult Size fully wearable.

Circumference: 25 inches
Inclusions: Leather liner with chin strap
Material : 18 Gauge Steel
Finish : Buff Finish

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Note: **
Please use Helmet cotton cap (inner) for comfortable wearing. 
Use Helmet Stand for the good protection of helmet.
The Helmet comes pre oiled for protection from rust. 
Please use dry cloth to clean OR keep it under the Sun for a day for the excess oil to dry out.

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