Medieval Great Helmet Crusade 16 Gauge Helm Black Finish

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Medieval Great Helmet Crusade 16 Gauge Helm Black Finish

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In its simplest form, the great helm was a flat-topped cylinder of steel that completely covered the head and had only very small openings for the eyes and mouth. Later designs gained more of a curved design, particularly on the top, to deflect or lessen the impact of blows. 

 This Great helm is made from 16 Gauge mild steel with leather chin strap & Brass Buckle.  Narrow eye slits in its original raw finish, given liberty to do a paint job according to your need or use it just like this. Tough 16 Gauge over 7 lbs in weight steel helmet is fully capable of absorbing the shock of combat.

Add a padded arming cap with this helmet as a discounted price..

Measurements: Standard Size

Approx. Circumference 26 inches
Inclusions: Leather liner with chin strap
Material : 16 Gauge Steel

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