Medieval Great Helmet Crusade 16 Gauge Helm

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Medieval Great Helmet Crusade 16 Gauge Helm

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This Great Helm is patterned after the famous Pembridge Great Helm, worn by Sir Richard Pembridge, one of the earliest appointed members of the Order of the Garter. This helm is a classic Great Helm of the 14th century and would have been very common during the Hundred Years War. Evolving from the nasal helm, the great helm was easy to make and offered very good head protection albeit at the price of vision. This helmet was often worn over an arming cap and mail coif and sometimes a close-fitting skull cap called a cervelliere. The great helm was sometimes blackened or painted. We also offer both finish.

This Great helm is made from 16 Gauge mild steel with leather chin strap.  Narrow eye slits in its original raw finish, given liberty to do a paint job according to your need or use it just like this. Tough 16 Gauge over 7 lbs in weight steel helmet is fully capable of absorbing the shock of combat.

Add a padded arming cap to this helmet.

Measurements: Standard Size

Approx. Circumference 26 inches
Leather Chin Strap

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