Leather Breastplate Cuirass Strong Harness Pulp Leather Armor

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Leather Breastplate Cuirass Strong Harness Pulp Leather Armor


This sturdy, lightweight torso (Body) armor, also known as a brigandine is crafted from 2 mm thick Harness Pulp leather. thick leather pads or plates, each securely fastened with four Buckle. The material and particular construction do not only afford a greater degree of mobility than the metal coat of plates or scale armor, but also add great visual appeal to the piece.

The leather brigandine closes at the Side with Two leather buckle straps anchored into position with rivets. The Side straps are adjustable to size.

This martial looking leather armor lends itself very well as a basis for the representation of a broad array of historical and fictional/fantasy characters. An ideal accessory for late medieval re-enactment, LARP, stage or fancy dress, it will make your transformation into a proud warrior just perfect.

Riveted Leather based body armor also called a leather cuirass provides complete full upper body protection to chest area from the shoulders to the waist line. Side buckles to adjust the size, this product will fit a person with 44 to 48 chest.

Product Weight: 6.61 LBS
Complete measurement on the listing photo
Includes breastplate and back plate
Fastened with adjustable leather straps
Increased defense for light LARP combat
Excellent addition to any historical reenactment outfit 

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