Extra Large Wooden Stand Brown For Lorica Segmentata Foldable Wooden Stand

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Extra Large Wooden Stand Brown For Lorica Segmentata Foldable Wooden Stand


Extra Large Wooden Plate Armor Stand, your armor can now own a stand, instead of sitting in the closet or in garage, this beautiful stand can be kept in living area or otherwise. Made in size good enough for your extra large size plate armor, Lorica Segmentata, Helmet etc.

Made from Fine Quality wood
Stand tall with 53 inches height form the ground with shoulder horizontal span of 21 inches, this tall stand folds into 5 pieces while occupying little space when not in use.
Parts can be easily detach if required to be stored for while. 5 different parts can be easily assemble when required.

OFFER:- Contact Us for additional Discount on this Product if the required quantity is 5 pieces or above.

SPECIAL OFFER:- Order our Extra Large size LORICA SEGMENTATA with this stand and enjoy combine shipping discount up to 15% **

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