Reinforced Mittens Flat Riveted Solid Ring 5 mm Leather Maille

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Reinforced Mittens Flat Riveted Solid Ring 5 mm Leather Maille

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Pair of leather based chain mail mittens reinforced with thick leather for advance protection of hands, total of 3 protective layers with inner most genuine leather mitten, 5 mm thick leather riveted at the back of the hand and top most protected by chain mail rings.  We are offering choice of 3 ring sizes in Flat Dome Riveted with Alternating Solid Ring combination.

Please note that only 8 & 9 mm ring can be produced in all three finish i.e Original Oiled, Blackened or Galvanized. In case you wish to buy 6 mm ring mittens, you must choose either Oiled or Blackened finish, choosing Galvanized finish along with 6 mm mittens will put your order on "Hold", we will not be liable to refund additional charged paid for Galvanized finish.

Ring Type: Choose from Drop Down
Finish: Choose from Drop Down *
Genuine Leather: 11-12 inch from tip of the tallest finger to wrist portion
5 mm Leather pieces stitched at back of the hands
Choice of Chain Mail Ring to choose
4 Fingers and Thumb Separate
Listing is for 1 Pair (Both Hands)

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