8 mm Flat Riveted Solid Maille Hood

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  • Product Code: 8 mm Flat Riveted Solid Maille Hood
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8 mm Flat Riveted Solid Maille Hood

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Key Features:
Type: Rectangle Shape Maille Hood
Ring Size:18 Gauge 8 MM, One Flat Dome Riveted Ring with Alternating Solid
Weave Type: European 4 in 1 Flat Riveted with Solid
Wire Type: Steel
This is a rectangle bottom mantle coif available in choice of finish and option of adding ventail for face protection, choose from additional options. 

Extras: Add Optional Customization to your product & make it standout by choosing below options.
Add Brass Trim across Face & Bottom Helm.
Add Leather Edges Across Face & Bottom Helm
Add a Chain Mail Ventail for Face Protection
Choose between Side OR Tongue Ventail .

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