Medieval Knee Boots Soft Leather Shoes Long Boots SCA Renaissance

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Medieval Knee Boots Soft Leather Shoes Long Boots SCA Renaissance

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Knee boots soft leather boots long boots to the knee soft leather. boots with brass buckles and leather sole to prevent slipping.

Have you ever tried on a medieval boot and found it to be vastly uncomfortable? There’s a reason for that: medieval shoes and boots often just have flat leather soles, which offer you absolutely no grip and zero support! Our bestselling “soft leather Shoes” are a solution to that, offering you the ultimate combination of medieval looks and contemporary shoe design. These are boots designed specifically for people who attend medieval events and need to spend time on their feet, such as LARP, HEMA, SCA, Renaissance Fairs, martial arts and other forms of adventuring and combat.


Materials: Soft leather
Sole Type : Leather Sole
Height from Sole: 72 CM (28.34 inches)
Leather Sole & Brass Buckle

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