Khadi Natural Herbal Hair Color Indigo 150 gm Ayurvedic Grey hair baldness care

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Khadi Natural Herbal Hair Color Indigo 150 gm Ayurvedic Grey hair baldness care

Khadi Natural Indigo Hair Color.
VOLUME 150 grams.
It treats and prevents premature greying.
It can lead to new hair growth and treat baldness.
It conditions your hair.
It makes the hair shiny and soothes the scalp.
It covers grey hair.
You can go from black to brown by combining it with henna.
100% Ayurvedic and chemical free product.
Made from Natural & Herbal ingredients.
No testing on animals.
Khadi is affiliated with ISO, WHO & GMP.
Product of India and it is certified by Ministry of Ayush, Government of India.
BY BENEFITS Hair Treatment.
INSTRUCTION OF USE Wash the hair with a silicon free shampoo and dry it.
Mix the proper amount of the powder with tepid water until you get the consistence of yoghurt.
If you know your hair is generally resistant to dyeing (e.
grey hair) you can add a teaspoon of salt.
Put directly on hair.
Put on a plastic washing hat and roll a towel around your hair.
Wash the dye from the forehead, nape and ears.
Leave on the hair for 1 hour.
Wash the dye off with warm water.
Be patient the color becomes more intensive in a few days after dyeing, because of the natural process of oxidation.
INGREDIENTS Indigofera Tinctoria (Indigo) With Henna Leaves.

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