Roman Hamata Maille 6 MM Flat Solid Ring 48

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Roman Hamata Maille 6 MM Flat Solid Ring 48

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The Romans Maille hamata with shoulder doublet protection. Mail "Hamata" was generally worn by the Auxiliary troops, in the Empire Period; but legionaries also utilized it. Mail is particularly good as protection against slashing or blunt weapon attacks. This is a Mild Steel product that may requires fabric or arming gambeson underneath for maximum protection.

Ring Size: 18 Gauge 6 MM, One Ring is Flat Dome Riveted with Alternating Solid Ring
Production Chest: 58 Inch
A comfort fit for someone with Actual Chest 42 Inch
Sleeve Length: Sleeveless
Sleeve Circumference: 22 Inch
Length from Shoulder: 32 Inch
Finish: Two Finish to Choose from

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