Chain Mail Riveted Club Jacket with Metal Clasp

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  • Product Code: Flat Riveted Flat Solid Ring Chain Mail Jacket
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Chain Mail Riveted Club Jacket with Metal Clasp

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This listing is for our exclusive Chain Mail Club Jacket, a very stylish strong mild steel chain mail Jacket with zinc coating to protect from rust and create a style statement. Matching metal clasp in front to tie the Jacket, simple easy installation of clasp through metal rings which can be easily adjusted according to need . Without sleeves & wearable like a normal shirt made with mild steel ring size 18 Gauge 9 mm. The chain mail rings are dome riveted with popular 4 in one weave, we offer top most ring quality & clean punched rivets. Please read the measurements very carefully as this type of clothing do not stretched much and require few extra inches for comfort & long term use.

Item Type: Mild Steel Flat Riveted with Flat Solid Ring (Washer) Chain Mail Jacket (Front Open)

Ring Type: 18 Gauge 9 mm
Chest Size - 44 inches
Comfortable fit for someone with an actual Chest size of 40 inches 
Sleeve Length - No Sleeves
Overall Length from Shoulder - 24 inches
4 Nos. matching metal clasp as shown in picture
Finish: Galvanized (Zinc)
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