Medieval Thick Padded Gambeson Stitched Sleeves

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  • Product Code: Medieval Thick Padded Gambeson Stitched Sleeves
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Best choice in chain mail garment, medieval touch in both design and color. The long gambeson having length of 34" from shoulder offer protection for Vikings using long chain maille OR plate armor. Available in different sizes. This arming gambeson possesses a tall collar and a short, laced-up neckline, with a long length that falls to the knees (on the average wearer). It also features full length sleeves, which are stitched to the shoulders via removable lacing, allowing you to remove the sleeves if need-be. Two combination of colors make it look more appealing. 

This gambeson is handcrafted, sizes will vary slightly - so these measurements should be taken as approximations. We have given measurement option to choose from a size closer to you.

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