Black Cotton Gambeson with Flat Riveted Maille Voiders

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Padded Black Colored Cotton Gambeson with Flat Riveted Chainmail Voider available in choice of finish. Perfect for Role Play, SCA Fighting, Reenactment events.

This Gambeson is handcrafted, sizes will vary slightly - so these measurements should be taken as approximations. We have given measurement option to choose from a size closer to you.

Standard Size Voiders stitched on both Arms, Armpit and both side of the torso.

Flat Ring Dome Riveted version of chain mail stitched on the gambeson
Choice of Multiple Rings to Choose from ABS dropdown
Finish: Blackened OR Oiled

Material: Cotton
Cotton Filling Inside
Zig Zag Shape at Bottom Helm

Note: Both Oil Finish and Blackened Chain Mail products have some amount of oil hence we have restricted voiders with these finish stitching to a darker fabric, please expect some marks of oil on the product. 

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