Padded Gambeson Front Close with Belt

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Padded Gambeson Front Close with Belt

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This thick Front Closed Gambeson made from 100% cotton, comfortable to wear like a regular t-shirt. Cotton laces to close chest area and a belt to adjust waist. Comfortable to wear under Chain Mail or Plate armor.

This gambeson is handcrafted, sizes will vary slightly - so these measurements should be taken as approximations. We have given measurement option to choose from a size closer to you.

Available in Multiple color as per your requirement.

Buy a Chain Mail voider along in this order and we will stitch it on the gambeson for you without any additional cost.
In order to avail this offer, please send us a note under order detail section during checkout OR email us at "" accepting the offer else by default the voider and gambeson will be sent as 2 different products.

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