Imperial Garlic Face Helmet

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Imperial Garlic Face Helmet

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 The imperial Garlic "Face" helmet is a replica of a historical helmets found through archaeological dig among many others. The helmet has closer resemblance to the new Roman Centurion helmet which gives protection to head & ear along with a neck guard. The imperial helmet does not have a plume on top unlike similar looking roman helm however a face plate with bronze finish is included with hinges. The helm is an early Augustan period cavalry helmet that seems to be a hybrid of typical Gallic infantry helmet with eyebrow decoration and a golden masked cavalry helmet. A great looking piece to add to any enthusiasts collection.

Key Features:
• Made from Quality Metal
• Has a Great Appearance
• Features An Impressive Polished Bronze Face Mask 
• An Impressive Display Piece or Collectors Item
• Comes With Chin Strap With Leather Liner

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